About Natural Sundquist

I, Pontus Sundquist, started this blog mainly to share my thoughts on natural bodybuilding and everything that pertains upon the subject. For example: food, dieting, caloric intakes, training, supplements and resting. But also to give insight on other matters closely related to me and my life.

Currently though, I am overtrained and I’m slowly progressing through rehabilitation to get back into the gym. But realistically will at that time (when I get back into the gym) in the future decrease the intensity and volume to avoid this kind of thing worsening.

I was born in Sweden, Lindesberg. I am currently pursuing a bachelor’s of science degree, with a major in biomedicine (more correctly comparable with a exercise science degree), as I am studying the “Biomedicine, Athletic Training” program at Halmstad University.

  • Born: 1994
  • Height: 192 cm (~6 feet 3.6 inches)
  • Weight: 102 kg (224.9 lbs)
  • Body fat (%): Unknown – By estimate: ~10%
  • Worked out since: 2008 (while succesively getting more serious)
  • Bought first gym membership: 2009 (15 years old, at the time)
  • Training type: (Natural) Bodybuilding
  • Main aim: Gaining as much muscle mass/volume as I can, while maintaining an appealing physique through 100% natural means
  • Life goal: Figuring out how good of a bodybuilder I can become, 100% naturally

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